Ruby & Karlee

Added July 17, 2007

One chick's pussy gets filled with three big cumloads after getting fucked by three guys. Get girlfriend eats out all the cum dripping from her pussy.

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Koricia, Ruby

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Ruby and Karllee! Well what the hell else can we possibly want guys? This was the best yet for me. And the kissing at the end was the best part of all. I love kissing. I'd like to see more with the men with the women but there's nothing more beautiful than 2 beautiful, females mouthes kissing. Swallowing 3 loads?! Oh, my head! God, this was the best so far and has been added to my favorites. Thanks


I agree that this is a great scene. Both the girls are very sexy looking and the amazing thing is that Ruby cums with just the photographers fingers in her (till then shes been nowhere near a cock). I also liked the fact that the three guys co-ordinated very well between themselves and the second guy cums copiously, which is after all the essence of a cream pie film (pardon the pun). I think you should have it in the male models' contracts that they should have no sex for a week so that the cum shot is worth the photographers and viewers while and we are not waiting for cum that just doesnt arrive! Just knowing that they had faces and were not just cocks attached to torsos was a good touch too. Dirty talk is always welcome. Lastly even though Karlee needs to be coaxed to eat it, at least she eats up all the cum like a good lil' slut, doesnt just slather it aound with her tongue. Once again great job, keep it up!


Now here is a movie that I believed is overlooked. This is one of those movies that could easily become an instant classic. Ruby and Karlee are two sexy vixen's from the great country of Romania. Why is this country so great? Two reasons, Ruby and Karlee. Here are two women that won't disappoint and will keep you wanting more. Ruby has some gorgeous red hair that catches your eye. The way that she looks at the camera just sends a shiver up your spine, especially when she's cumming. Her eyes roll into the back of her head as she desperate tries to look into the camera. For those of you who like seeing women cum, then Ruby is the girl for you. She cums for you all day long and craves being pounded as hard as they guys can give it to her. And in some cases, harder. Watching her tight hole get filled with not one or two, but three hot loads, that then stream out of her like a magnificent fountain. Truly the starlet of this feature, Ruby will keep you coming back for more. Karlee is the shyer of the two and is the supporting role in this one. Her jet black hair and innocent looking face makes her an idea piece of eye candy that makes you want to see her down on her knees and look up at you while she's sucking on a nice hard cock. This vixen's talent is when she's hopping on a nice hard cock she's sucking on another. And when she's on her back with her tight 19 year old hole being pounded, her finger sucking is enough to drive a man wild. Karlee seems to be new at this whole experience, but she is not as innocent as one would think. However, there are a few drawback about this film. Karlee's lack of experience really shows, and she is timid at first when it comes to sucking on two cocks at once. She has to be told what to do a couple of times on more then one occasion. At the end, when it comes to digging out the cum from Ruby's pussy, it takes her a minute to warm up to the idea. Karlee needs some work, but in time she could become one of the greats. Overall, this is a great film. I have watched it on more then one occasion and every time I see the twitching of Ruby's thighs or the moans of Karlee, I just have to sit and watch for the duration. Ruby's commanding lead makes up for Karlee's lack of experience. An instant classic. This movie gets a 4 out of 5 and will be one of my favorites for a long time.


What's better then a sexy red headed hottie getting injected with a hot load of cum? Ruby and Karlee provide a stunning performance that is an instant classic. For all of those that love to see the quivering thighs or the look on the face of a woman when she cums, then this movie will not disappoint. These two vixens then take on three gents at the same time. After they're done sucking and fucking, Ruby ends up with not one, or two, but three hot loads in her tight hole. We are then treated to watching it stream out of her like a fountain onto Karlee's face as she digs it out with her tongue. The only thing that could have made this better would be if Karlee had been given more camera time. And even though she does seem a bit shy, she's a real cuttie, and looks great in the color white. Even without her clothes on. Overall, this movie is definately in my favorites and I give it a 4/5.