Lola Taylor

Added June 29, 2022

The sexy Lola Taylor has a hot blonde hairy pussy. She squirts hard and gets her ass loaded with a hot anal creampie.

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Lola Taylor


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I´m here for the pictures why is it never any pictures of cumshot in the mouth???


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She is the reason why porn is beautiful. She is a beautiful young woman, with an incredibly beautiful body. Her natural way and her sexual pleasure are sensational. Please do many more great scenes with her.


Lola looks good in her blue dress, stripping to reveal her pale skin, softly rounded body, and the blonde tuft of hair above her pussy. There's a fine blowjob as she licks, sucks, nibbles and smiles. The vaginal sex is vigorous, but this soon flows into an excellent sequence of anal and cock sucking in multiple positions. We see her from plenty of good angles, no fanciness getting in the way, and she becomes more vocal and expressive, in English, as time goes on (and pinker after a little spanking). The best is saved for the last five minutes, beginning with a reverse cowgirl anal in which he wraps his arms behind her knees, pulls her legs back until he can lock his hands behind her head, thereby squeezing Lola into a full nelson position. Fantastic, and followed by doggy anal in which she just about balances on the arm of the couch, and finally some missionary anal which builds and builds to the anal cream pie. My only complaint would be that while Lola is very much into the action, she was perhaps a little physically passive. Great stuff though.


Lola Taylor is a 21 years old Russian blonde beauty and she's a deep throat master. Lola shows her nice turquoise outfit around an awesome outdoor location. During the solo action, you can watch Lola's body from a variety of viewpoints. It almost seems to touch and feel her smooth bright skin. She rubs her cunt without any insert (a little bit boring) until the guy appears and eats her pussy. Pay attention to the deep throat if you usually skip BJ part. Her mouth gets loudly filled while she smiles. The sex action is pretty good: vaginal sex followed by the anal action in various positions. The creampie is almost invisible, probably due to too deep or poor ejaculation.

Girl rating: 7.5 / 10; Foreplay: 10 / 10; Sex: 8 / 10; Creampie: 5.5 / 10


Lola is so blonde, so soft and fuzzy, that she almost has a halo. Truly beautiful. She shows off her pussy and the detail is so close that you're almost there. A long tease builds up and then the stud appears and can't keep his hands off her tush, giving her a well deserved fingering leading up to some squirting action (which wasn't quite wet enough to be pleasing). After an expert blow-job and deep throat, with some good "eye" camera focussing he pounds her pussy before moving onto some hard anal. If I have one criticism to be made of the new PG scenes, it's the doggy style anal. The camera just doesn't seem to pick up the beauty and intensity of the scene when done doggy, it's all too close or hidden. Ends with a nice internal anal and a smiling Lola. A good one, solid 8/10


Lola Taylor is living proof that looks can be deceptive. The scene starts with her in a sexy blue dress which she looks so cute and innocent wearing while sucking on her finger. Don't be fooled by that look, she is far from innocent. The scene started at a slow pace with Lola spending a lot of time rubbing her pussy which I'm not complaining about as I could watch her play with her pussy all day. Although it would've been nice if she'd given her ass some attention during the tease by inserting a finger or two. She has to be one of the only girls who doesn't have a gag reflex as she took his cock balls deep down her throat with ease. Most girls will fight to get off a cock in that situation but she was fighting to force it even further in. I'm sure I even spotted her with a smile on her face while he was balls deep in her mouth. She took a hard anal pounding in numerous positions which by her moans of pleasure and the constant smile on her face you can tell she loved every minute of.


Quick Review. Lola Taylor is absolutely fantastic in this scene. Her name should really should be Lola Pink. She sports small perky little nipples that are just a tiny bit darker than her skin, blonde perfectly trimmed pubic hair leading to one of the most visually appealing pussy's you will ever see, and finishing with a tiny tight puckered asshole. Everything about this girl screams "Fresh, brand new right out of the box." A great job by P.G. with make up etc. She was a performer for the entire scene and the sex featured an intensity to be honest I never saw coming. The pace just picked up after she rubbed her pussy and after the male talent ate it. Pay attention for the "wrester anal" position at the 52:00 mark. She handles it wonderfully and is clearly enjoying herself. This scene works on almost every level. Everyone involved should be proud of it. - Tudor -