Jessyka Swan

Added December 24, 2023

The tiny Jessyka swan gets her ass impaled by a large cock. She squirts the anal creampie from her butt!

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Jessyka Swan


Art & Addons piercing Body Type athletic Breasts medium Butt apple Clothes dress high heels lingerie Cumshot creampie - anal Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type fashion model Fetish anal gaping tittie play Furniture carpet sofa Hair bangs long - straight Hair color dark Location living room outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position cowgirl doggystyle regular reverse cowgirl standing Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia big clit medium Sex anal blowjob - single female orgasm Skin tone light Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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Wow, dat creampie :)


She is the best on Asstraffic.


I refuse to use hyperbole in my reviews, but Jessyka Swan is perfect in every way and mere mortals do not deserve to see her glory as it should burn their insolent eyes out of their skulls. Jessyka Swan means download immediately. She is the gold standard for what I personally like in great porn stars. So cute that she looks like a beautiful model, so hot that I can enjoy a solo video just by watching her body move, and so nasty that I can thoroughly get into a hardcore video. Many girls have one or two out of three, but rarely all three. She looks so innocent and naive until the moment she sticks that dick in her mouth. She, somehow, can act almost virginal but at the same time be slutty and totally in control. The cock is there in a supporting role to her magical performance. Mankind's greatest scientists cannot explain it. It's not a perfect video. I wish there was more interaction with the camera and eye contact, but that's it. With that being said, when Jessyka looks into the camera while she's getting fucked, it is very hard to hold your load. It was probably decided at rehearsals that she not look at the viewer as know, for safety reasons. She takes it in all holes like a pro. The best parts are when she gets throated. There's something about the way she does it that makes it simply amazing. In a close second is the way she can take it in the ass. Fast or slow, it does not matter. A definite keeper. Perhaps not a Hall-of-Famer, but very, very close. - Civlor


I've somehow missed out on Jessyka until now. I'm very impressed. I love how she is placed, quite tenderly, across the arm of the sofa, until her head overhangs, ready for the blowjob. But it's the near 30 minutes of anal which makes the scene, and we're provided with pretty much all the angles we could wish for, none of them rushed. She bounces wonderfully in cowgirl, her legs and ass are shown off perfectly during the standing anal creampie. She bucks and writhes for her own and our enjoyment, girlish moans deepening as things progress. Only downside for me, and its a personal thing, is that, as in some other scenes, her dress is pulled down to her waist and left there for too much of the scene. I just find it spoils the visual effect a little.


Have you ever dreamed to kiss such a beautiful black-haired teen? Jessyka is "The Princess", the best girl of may 2014, according to me! She introduces herself in a sensual dark outfit. She's a little bit clumsy when BJ starts because she's shy as a perfect teen should be. The guy is a gentlemen and he leads her in a slow exciting blowjob. I love reverse cowgirl anal action. It seems her moans are a little bit forced but from 42' on (doggy), she becomes intensely involved: she screams insanely and she cums two times... simply amazing! Her butt is a masterpiece and when the guy fills it with sperm, you can't cum, too! The sperm violently squeezes out of her butt!!!
Girl rating: 9.5; Foreplay: 6.5; Sex: 8; Creampie: 9


Jessica Swan is an Hungarian babe. She's got a beautiful face, nice small boobs, hot long legs and a very soft bubble butt! And lets not forget her skin, so white and looks so soft! But the most impressive thing about this scene is the way she enjoys anal sex, it is almost as if she was born for it. I hope we can see her again soon, she is a very talented girl, and just perfect for Perfect Gonzo. Well this scene is a must have for all anal sex fans, couldn't be better, take a look yourselves and enjoy!


Black Swan!

Another fantastic scene from the gorgeous Jessica. This time in a sexy black outfit she looks as horny and relaxed as ever ready for another good arse fucking. And boy does get one too!

The scene starts off with Jessica teasing us and she looks more beautiful than ever. Her sexy petite body is luscious and fit as ever as she caresses and shows off that tight round arse. I'm not usually one for long intros but i could admire Jessica all day. She is also one of the more beautiful stars.

The male talent does a good job of letting her control the scene which I felt was good but he should have fucked her harder in some points. Positions were good just the intensity could be ramped up a little similar to her Asstraffic scene. She's proven that she can taken it hard in many of her scenes.

The creampie in the end was brilliant and seeing her cum fart was incredibly sexy. More of that please! She really looked like she enjoyed it too as sometimes girls have an awkward look on their face. This is a must watch scene as it has a lot of nice positions a great creampie and of course, Jessica!


Wow, Jessyka is cute. Her face and eyes ooze sex appeal, she has a cute butt and beautiful boobs, not too small, not too big; just about right. Nice tease and a good bj followed by a good, solid pussy fucking with her on top. I like the way she keeps her cute orange thong on, pushed to one side. It's not long before she's on her knees and he's slipping it into her ass. Some toying or fingering would definitely have added to the scene at this point. There's some good anal/bj/gaping action and she takes it in anally a number of positions until she gets a huge anal creampie (which she seems to enjoy!). This is a really solid scene with a stunning girl. Would have been nice to see a bit more toying and some more fingering of her pussy while he's fucking her ass. Can we see Jessyka DP'd please?! A good 9/10.


To sum it up: A remarkable scene with an impressive lady.
Jessyka Swan is (IMHO) one of the hottest porn starlets of the year. Not only that she is extremely beautiful, but this girl always looks like she enjoys every single second of the filming. Talent like this is hard to find.
Scene starts with the usual teaser (which here is shorter than in other scenes, but nevermind) and very soon the guy chimes in, just to fill her mouth with his cock. Boy, this lady is a natural porn sucker (pun intended). While lots of other girls present some boring blowjobs, Jessyka always give 100% of red hot action. Next up is some brief pussy fuck and than we get to see the ass fucking. Doggie, Cowboy, Missionary, Standing - you name it - Jessyka performs it with huge pleasure. Lots of gapes too. Scene ends with an anal creampie. I love the way she presses the sperm out of her ass quickly.
A scene close to perfection. (Mr_White - eurobabeindex)


This girl never fails to impress. The tease was short but it's quality that counted on this occasion. I was mesmerized by her from the second she pulled up her dress to reveal that beautiful ass and gave us a seductive wiggle. The main focus for the rest of the tease was on this magnificent ass. She was soon sucking cock and after a short pussy fuck the fun really started. The anal lasted for about 30 minutes, where she got fucked hard, did some ATM and showed some nice gapes. Her moans of pleasure made watching her fuck even more satisfying. Her fine ass got enough screen time for this to be an instant hit with any ass lovers. Hell, the rest of her got plenty of screen time as well so it should really be an instant hit for anyone.