Jenny Glam

Added March 10, 2023

Ultra-curvy newcomer Jenny Glam plays with her pussy, sucks on a big pole, then gets fucked for an amazing vaginal creampie.

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Jenny Glam


Art & Addons tattoo Body Type athletic Breasts small Butt apple Clothes dress high heels lingerie Cumshot creampie - pussy Ethnicity caucasian Eyes grey Face Type fashion model Fetish eye contact Furniture sofa Hair long - straight Hair color brown Location outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position doggystyle regular missionary reverse cowgirl standing Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia big clit medium Sex blowjob - single pussy fisting throat fucking Skin tone light Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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Da gibt es das Problem, nicht schon bei Screenshots abzuspritzen! OMG! Danke PG!


I was dripping pre-cum after just a few minutes and shot a blissful load sooner than I wanted. Please bring her back with James and facial cumshot. Thank you PG!


I've like Jenny Glam from the first time I saw her. She has these huge, lovely eyes and a petite, innocent look about her. What seals the deal for me are those gorgeous lips. They are wonderful. Perfect. If PG made a series called Give Me Lips, she could be the cover model. (Contact me if you want me to be executive producer or director.) Her body is nice, but is totally eclipsed, in my mind, by her stunning face. Thankfully, she quickly puts that face to work sucking cock and making pretty decent eye-love to the camera. Bonus points for switching to POV style there. The sex part is good, and I like her tattoo. It's big, but unique and not distracting. Her expressions are very upbeat and she seems to enjoy being pounded. All good points. My only complaint is the video stops rather abruptly. Did they run out of film? Do people still use film? Just a minor setback. Otherwise a beautiful girl in a decent scene. Keepin in! - Civlor


This girl is truly hot. Because of her I joined Perfectgonzo and please bring her back for more!


Jenny Glam is a true beauty in a simple black skin-tight dress. The best part of the video for me is her beautiful face and eyes. I love the innocent but sexy image of her 2 minutes into the video as she smiles at us with the face of an angel but with her perfect breasts peeking from the top of her dress. This image goes even further 5 minutes into the video as she lies back on a bed with her legs spread, her fingers playing with her large pussy lips, and the same innocent but very sexy look on her face. Amazing! The sex scenes are solid but Jenny is the star by far and I just want to look into those gorgeous eyes. Check out the look on her face as she gives head just after 30:00. It goes by quick. Between 32:00 and 33:00 look at her face as she rides the guy's cock. Look at the pleasure on her face at 37:50. Finally, a really nice view at 40:00 of her pussy being nailed with her pretty face in the background, her pussy being filled by a large amount of cum that spews out of her. Check out the giant smile on her face. She is soooo gorgeous and could be perfect in any PerfectGonzo genre. More of her please! 10/10 mmmgood


Amazing update! amazingly hot girl! would love to see her take a nice anal creampie....hope to see a update with her soon!

Hhave her teasing wearing some nice tight jeans booty shorts or jeans in next scene :)


There really is something special about Jenny. She's obviously pretty, with a great teasing smile, but she also has the expressiveness that keeps your attention. She gives a great, erotic blowjob in this scene, and generally provides a decent level of energy in all aspects of her performance. It's another really well put together scene and a definite keeper.


Jenny Glam! yeah this babe is gorgeous!!! I love that pretty face, specially those beautiful big eyes! This girls looks so sexy in that black dress. The scene begins with some nice teasing, she likes to show her curvy body. Then it's time for a soft and hot blowjob, she seems she likes to please! Then its time for some nice pussy action, then she blows again! I told you she liked it! then more pussy action and then even more blowjob! and finally more pussy action to end with a hot creampie! This scene rocks, specially because of the girl's beauty! Bring her back for Asstraffic! [-JP-]


Jenny Glam shines of beauty from the start you start looking at her eyes. And when you see her performance, you will more in love with her. She has extremely gorgeous face, sexy lips, nice small tits, a delightful ass and beautiful legs. One of the things I was more pleased, is the way Jenny Glam sucks with her beautiful mouth. You die to feel how she can kiss you or even more, how would it feel if she can suck your cock. Her tongue is absolutely one of the things you wish to feel also. In this scene, is also included one of my favorite camera angles at 17:29 I love to see how girls suck cock while standing. I hope Perfect Gonzo continues making this kind of angles and poses, just like the past scene of Yuliana. I will fav this scene!! [-Ramon]


Jenny is so beautiful and sooo cute!! i love her thick body her ass and legs are perfect. Please bring her back in "Give Me Pink". Jenny i why i joined this site .This website is the best ,thanks Mark


Super girl, fantastic video. She is killer beautiful. If a man can watch this video and not explode he must be suffering from erectile dysfunction. I was dripping pre-cum after just a few minutes and shot a blissful load sooner than I wanted. Awesome. Love this website.


Absolutely love this girl ..... super cute face, beautiful vagina sweet ..... many thanks to her for letting us see her awesome body, including letting us watch her with a penis inside of her super nice pussy ..... would sure be fun to get the chance to have sex with this delightful girl.


Very hot girl!


Jenny Glam is beautiful with honey coloured skin, stunning long hair, and "come fuck me" eyes. Is she Spanish? Lets have the nationality of these girls in the description of the scene please, PG. She strips off, pops a tit out and leans back on the sofa to show off her pussy. She looks pretty proud. She's got flappy pussy lips and a link pink pussy which look great. The guy arrives, licks her pussy, fingers her a bit, then gets stuck in. They go through the positions but there is some intensity lacking and some super camerawork e.g. 38:50 where you can see him pumping away and her face, isn't as good as it should be because he's only half interested in the job. He should be really fucking her hard here, giving her a full length. He pops a good load into her pussy at 40:40 and she spreads wide to let us see what a mess he's made. A stunning girl, made for sex, let down a little by her companion. 7/10.